Full Service Management


Board of Directors Support

•          Coordinate and Attend Regular Board of Director’s Meetings

•          Coordinate and Attend Annual Meetings

•          Coordinate and Attend Special Meetings

•          Attend ACC/ARC Meetings as required

•          Be an Active Participant in Discussions and Provide Guidance at a Level that is Desired by Board

•          Provide sound advice and recommendations relating to Law and Government Regulations

•          Prepare Meeting Minutes in Cooperation of the Association Secretary

•          Implement the Decisions of the Board


•          Manage the day-to-day Operations of the Community

•          Perform Regular Assessments of the Association’s Property and Condition and Replacement Schedule

•          Use our “Buying Power” to Obtain Competitive Estimates and Bids for Projects and Jobs

•          Manage and Review Performance of Contractors and Vendors Providing Service to Association

•          Manage Homeowner Complaints and Issues

•          Perform Monthly Covenant Violation Inspections of the Neighborhood, Generate Appropriate Correspondence and Follow-up with Homeowners

•          Act as an Emergency Contact for all Issues Related to the Association

•          Process and Review ACC/ARC Modification Requests and Coordinate with a Committee as Needed

•          Prepare and Deliver all Correspondence with Membership, Contractors and Vendors

•          Provide a Monthly Management Report to the Board of Directors Outlining all Issues

•          Review and Obtain Competitive Insurance for the Association and Directors and Officers

•          Insure Proper Compliance with State Corporate Registration of Association

•          Facilitate Proper Communication with Association Attorney regarding all Association Matters

•          Gate Access and Control Where needed

•          Assist with Website Development when Requested

•          Coordinate Clubhouse and Facilities Scheduling as Needed


•          Prepare and Recommend an Annual Budget for Board Consideration and Approval

•          Provide an Accurate Monthly Financial Report for Every Director

•          Process Accurately all Accounts Payable for Association Business

•          Prepare and Collect all Association Dues and Assessments Required (Accounts Receivable)

•          Annual preparation of 1099 Forms for all required contractors

•          Facilitate and Coordinate Annual State and Federal Tax Returns with Tax Preparer

•          Bank Account Reconciliation and Balancing

•          Manage the Collection Process on Delinquencies

•          Interpret and Predict Financial Issues based on Trends and Suggest Solutions

•          Analyze and Advise on Reserve Fund Issues

•          Maintain Accurate Homeowner Records