•          Prepare and Recommend an Annual Budget for Board Consideration and Approval

•          Provide an Accurate Monthly Financial Report for Every Director

•          Process Accurately all Accounts Payable for Association Business

•          Prepare and Send Billing and Collect all Association Dues and Assessments Required (Accounts Receivable)

•          Bank Account Reconciliation and Balancing

•          Manage the Collection Process on Delinquencies

•          Annual preparation of 1099 Forms for all required contractors

•          Facilitate and Coordinate Annual State and Federal Tax Returns with Tax Preparer

•          Interpret and Predict Financial Issues based on Trends and Suggest Solutions

•          Analyze and Advise on Reserve Fund Issues

•          Maintain Accurate Homeowner Records

Covenant Enforcement

•          Prepare and Deliver Covenant Violation Letters Based on a Board or Committee Generated Violation List

•          Track and Log Fines and Facilitate Attorney Legal Actions